Environmental Commitment

Environmental responsibility and protection is integral to the ethics of Spanish Mountain Gold Management and team. Spanish Mountain Gold is committed to maximizing environmental protection through training, minimizing the over-all environmental footprint of our activities and transparency in our operations.

Our Environmental Commitments:

  • All employees and contractors are aware of their requirements to protect and safeguard the environment. They are educated on, understand and must abide by their environmental duties.
  • Spanish Mountain Gold strives everyday to minimize the environmental footprint of our activities. We meet and try to exceed all industry standards and provincial and federal environmental legislation and regulations.
  • Understanding that sound environmental management is about more than a commitment to our physical surroundings, it also involves respecting and understanding traditional uses of the land. Spanish Mountain Gold collaborates with First Nations and community interests, enabling us to understand and assess the environment holistically, in a way that represents and respects all interests.
  • Spanish Mountain Gold has been proactive in conducting onsite environmental monitoring, and has been collecting data since 2006. An independent consulting firm was hired to conduct this work along with the current environmental baseline data collection.

Examples highlighting our commitment to environmental responsibility:

  • Spanish Mountain Gold sponsors Xat'sull First Nation and Williams Lake Indian Band members to train and work as Environmental Monitors, collecting data to form the environmental baseline.
  • We actively adjust our exploration programs to minimize our environmental impact. (E.g. adjust site locations to avoid tree cutting)
  • We progressively reclaim all of our exploration activities. After working on a part of the land, we re-contour and re-seed, monitoring the site until it is returned to its original condition.
  • We minimize our paper and plastic product use, and enforce a strict recycle policy around camp. All recyclable material for which there is a deposit is donated to local community groups.

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