Environmental Assessment Process

Spanish Mountain Gold is currently at the pre-application stage in the Environmental Assessment process. The Company has been working with its independent environmental consultants, the Provincial-Federal led Working Group (consisting of local, regional, provincial and federal representatives and representatives of the Williams Lake Indian Band, Xat'sull Nation and Lhtako Dene Nation) and regulators to ensure that all necessary and relevant information and studies have been identified. Spanish Mountain Gold must ensure that all required environmental and socio-economic studies are completed as part of the Project's application for environmental approval. 

During the pre-application stage there is opportunity for the public to provide input through the government led public comment period. Spanish Mountain Gold will provide information on this website as it is made available by the BC Environmental Assessment Office (BC EAO) and Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEA Agency).

All information is also published on the BC EAO website. You can access further information on the Projects movement through the Environmental Assessment process and all related documents at the BC EAO Project Information Centre (e-PIC).

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